Saturday, August 15, 2009

Photos that I wanted to put in my blog

These are the photos that I wanted to include with my blog but I ran into issues on when I try to place pictures with text. This is the finished worm bed in its house under a plant stand/table. the bottom dish is a rolling pot saucer. Should make maintenance easier.

I bought the twin pack of Rubbermaid Rough Tote cargo boxes to build my worm farm. They are 14 gallon boxes, light doesn't make it through the plastic and the lids have very nice locking handles.

This is a view of the holes drilled in the upper side of the worm box. These holes are use for ventilation and the size is small enough that it should keep most UNWANTED guests out of the bed. There are also similar holes drilled in the bottom of this box as well for drainage.

This is kind of an exploded view of the part that make up the worm bed. The wheeled saucer dish is going to be used to move things around for maintenance and care. The bottom box (unaltered) just had the top removed and a couple of pavers in place to provide ventilation and a place for OUT OF BOUND worms to escape to. This is were the worm juices will collect. The top box will contain the worms, bedding and food. This is were the casing/worm poo will be collected from.

This is an inside view of the bottom box to show the paver placement. This raises the top box high enough to allow the ventilation holes in the top box to BREATH and the pavers should also offer an escape for any wandering worms and keep them from drowning in the WORM JUICES.

This is the filled worm bed. started out with a layer of torn strips of newsprint (San Diego Weekly Reader). The strips were moistened with water (moist/not wet), some pureed kitchen scraps were layered next and then finished off with about 2 inches of compost I had previously processed. No visible worms in this compost but it seems to have quite a few worm eggs in it.
NOTE: each egg may contain between 2 to 20 worms.

It may be difficult to see but at the tip of my finger is a small golden looking pearl. This should be the future of my worm bed. There are quite a few of these eggs mixed in with this compost and I hope that all conditions are right for a population explosion of worms.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have. If you want to share your successes and/or failures that would be appreciated as well. Also, I am still very interested in solar and wind on a homemade scale. Gardening is very strong on the agenda at this time of year and if anyone is interested in a seed swap I have large hard shelled pear gourd (about 10 to 12 inches tall), luffa sponge seeds and Italian squash/zucchini seeds available.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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