Friday, August 21, 2009


Hello and best wishes from San Diego, California. I usually work four days a week and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. It is Friday and I just think that it is funny that all week long I make plans in my head on what I am going to do on my days off and usually end up sleeping in late and missing out on accomplishing my GOALS.

Today was a compromise between sleeping in and getting up early and getting things done. I was able to get a lot accomplished today and stayed on schedule (even if you do realize that I have the most loosely structured schedule in the world).

I have been trying to find out why my avocado tree has been dropping its fruit. My late nights of insomnia have paid off. Searching the internet leads me to believe that I am having a fertilizer issue, or better yet, a lack of fertilizing my tree issue. I started the season with an eight-foot tall tree that had a large number of little baby avocados growing. The fruit would get to the size of nickel up to the size of an extra large chicken egg and then the fruit would end up on the ground. I have hopefully remedied the mass extinction of fruit by applying a good helping of avocado and citrus fertilizer. As an aside, the orange and the lemon tree also got a helping as well. I am down to between 3 or 4 fruit left on the tree and just hope I caught it in time to get at least one fully grown avocado.

I have also tried to grow some bush beans in the garden but it seems the sow bugs, or something, finds the shoots to be very appetizing and eat them to the ground before they can get their second or third leaves. My work around for that has been to start some seeds in reused drink cups and when I get to the second set of true leave to put them in the ground. I am seeing minor leave damage after a week or so but the beans seem to like the head start.

I didn’t even make to the end of a full week with my new worm beds before I became the IMPATIENT ONE again. I didn’t see enough activity from my worm egg containing compost so I went to the local bait shop and bought 2 cups of red wigglers. $5.35 later I now have worms in my farm. The little cups that they came in said “50 Red Wigglers” and I have seen local listings in Craigslist for 1.5 gals of worms and their bedding $15 -- suggested as startup for 1-2 people. We will see how the bait shop worms work out and this could always be my next step.

We should have a nice new solar array on the roof with the next 45 days or so if everything goes right. The plan that I am doing is through Akeena Solar and Sunrun. I am putting up around $2700.00 and then buying power from Sun run at a given price (more or less) for the next 18 years. Sunrun installs and maintains the system and over time my bill will stay the same as power costs increase. That is the plan and even though my electric bill should currently say about the same it just feels eco-responsible to be helping to offset my electric needs by producing some of the power on site.

San Diego is usually a very sunny place and the nice change for today was a brief rain shower… We are currently in a level two drought so any rain is a very nice change. It is great to see how everything just looks fresher after a short little rainstorm.

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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