Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another very good day...

Today is a very good day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I got my new Envirocycle Composter delivered.

My partner (Ron) and I went out to breakfast and to get gas in the Honda Fit. The Gas light was lit saying I was almost out and to fill up was only $20.25. That is the cost of driving a little over 220 miles and I am still ecstatic about that. In my old Toyota Tundra pick-up I was spending almost $80.00 for the same distance. Funny what lower gas prices and higher MPG does to a person’s outlook.

As we were rounding the corner to the house I was saying, “Please, please, let there be a package on the porch” and there was. The composter was delivered by FedEx Ground and came in one large carton. Unpacking was simple and nothing to assemble. I took one of our weekly throw-away magazines (The San Diego Weekly Reader) and I shredded the black and white pages. I am trying to stay away from the colored ink pages and the glossy pages to keep thing a little healthier for the soon to be garden soil. 

The next addition was my stockpile of kitchen waste that I have been storing in the refrigerator. The majority of the kitchen scraps have been run thru the food processor to speed up the composting process. But things like the apple peels and cores from last night’s home made apple pie went in whole. There seems to be enough liquid in the mix to give the final mass the water consistency of a wrung out sponge. A couple of turns on the built-in rollers of the Enrivocycle and everything was well mixed.

The other think to be happy about today is that I was given permission by the neighbor to pick some fruit some the tangerine tree that overhangs his yard. My neighbor on the other side had a couple of stokes this last year and doesn’t get around as well as he used to. In the past he would be the one picking the fruit and then leaving a bag on my doorstep. Today I was able to return the favor and will try to do again in a few days as well. It is surprising on how a small act of kindness can make you feel inside.

I have yet to add the tangerine peels to the composter, everything I have read says that you have to be careful with the amount of citrus peeling you add to keep from shifting the PH levels to much in the final product.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

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