Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wayfaring Wanderer: Share the Love : A "Green" Giveaway

Wayfaring Wanderer: Share the Love : A "Green" Giveaway

I came across this blog while I was searching for like-minded folks and thought I would make another list of my five PROs and five CONs when it comes to being green.

5 things that I do to be greener or eco-friendly:

1: I was a Navy Photographer for 20 years and I saw how many chemicals are use and disposed of during the photographic process and now I am completely digital. I may still do a little photographic printing by I mostly share my images over the internet or in book form.
2: I have started to notice that people in my neighborhood have an abundance of fruit trees growing in their yards and for the most part the production is either allowed to spoil on the limb or rot on the ground. A gentle request goes a long way in being able to pick the excess and share.
3: The easy one is working in the garden... it provides exercise, produces a crop and I can control what goes into my food. 
4: Sharing what my garden produces and not asking anything in return. You would be surprised at how good that can make you feel.
5. This year I think the greenest think that I did was voting. Not just for a change in the government but also to voice as part of a nation what IS IMPORTANT!

5 things that I do that aren't so green friendly:

(I am cheating a bit here because I used most of these as part of my comment on the Wayfaring Wanderer blog.)

1. I need to figure out a way to use less paper at work, even with recycling it still seems like a waste.

2: I need to remember to turn off the TV when I am not in the room.
Leaving it on just so I don't feel like I am at home alone is a stupid reason. 
3: I don't need to buy the little individual serving size potato chip packages, a large bag of chips is better for the environment and I can portion out a serving in a reusable container for a lunch or a snack.
4: I can pack myself  a lunch rather than DRIVING to the fast food place for a greasy burger and fries.
5: This is the one that I am guilty of but am trying to CURE myself of this habit. A t-shirt, a pair of underwear and a pair of socks is NOT a load of laundry.

This one falls into both categories... I like buying stuff in bulk (PRO) but if I let it go out of date or spoil before using it is not a great way to safe money or protect the environment.

Remember that we should help our friend and neighbors when we can, use sites like Craigslist and local recycling sites... REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Another way I reduce my paper usage at work is to print things on the back of a sheet if it is blank and I no longer need the page. I also make notepads by cutting up the pages into squares, stapling the top.....there you have a recycled notepad!

I'm glad the giveaway gave you some food for thought.....your participation is very much appreciated :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Hey, thanks again for taking the challenge and participating in the Green Giveaway.....I have post the winners if you were interested in seeing who had luck on their side.

Wayfaring Wanderer: One by One

Anonymous said...

Having recently moved to the mountains of New Mexico, it is unbelievable the amount of STUFF I moved 1800 miles from VA this past summer. I am trying to scale back and do with much less STUFF. A couple of really great books are "The Circle of Simplicity" and "The Paradox of Choice". Keep up the good work in SD.